Nothing is ever static.

"Director Brandon Lavoie was tapped to use his skills to show the connection Rich has with his past self, and that place of fragility he spent so much time in, to his current self, a beacon of self-peace. The vulnerability that Rich shares is paired perfectly with Lavoie’s use of stunning visuals and cinematic styling." - LBB Online (review)

"Director Brandon Lavoie's cinematic visuals bring further peace to the film, with slow motion shots of crashing waves and sweeping landscape scenes encouraging audiences to let themselves sit in the vibes. It's an interesting insight into something that's at once very personal and highly universal - the desire to exist beyond one's body, whatever form that takes." - David Reviews (review)

Director: Brandon Lavoie

Executive Producer: Jon Brogan 

Brand EP: Paul Muhlbach

Supervising Producer: Eric Cook 

Producer: Laura Mittelberg

PAs: Anthony Cantu, John Maddock

Director of Photography: Jared Levy

1st AC: Jake Coury

Gaffer: Evan Cox

Key Grip: David Klassen

HMU: Luca Buzas

Audio Mixer: Bobby Vonghom

35mm Photographer: Brian Chorski

Production: Stept Studios

Post Executive Producer: Eileen Miraglia

Post Producer: Erin Bates

Editor: Brandon Lavoie

Assistant Editor: Ben Ivers

Composer: Jon Sigsworth

Post Production Manager: Grace Hahn (Post Mambo)

Sound Design & Mix: Justin Enoch (Post Mambo)

Executive Producer: Ali Reed (Mom&Pop)

Colorist: Sam Zook (Mom&Pop)

Post Production: Lockt Editorial


Rich Roll 

Julie Piatt


Louis Bertrand

Erin Cooper

Alexandre Huno


Podcast Guest: Mike Fremont

Podcast Team: Dan Drake, Alexander Akpodiete, Jason Camiolo, Blake Curtis


Toby Morse, Hilary Matheson, Hakim Tafari, Davy Greenberg, Chris Murphy, Billy Yang, Adam Skolnick, ?MISSING NAME?


Flower Shop Vendor: Adriel Conde